About Us

Values and Vision

Our vision is to revolutionise the way small growing companies approach sales, at the very heart of their business. We believe sales should be fun and enjoyed, we see a world of small growing companies having fun whilst selling. We also specialise in sales training for millennials.

Integrity:- we maintain an unimpaired ethical and value based approach to our clients and partners at all times

Honesty:- We provide a fair and frank analysis of our clients and straight talking approach to increasing our clients success

Fun:- instilling fun into the business relationship, people buy from people who they like to spend time with.

Loyalty:- faithful to our commitments and following through on an agreed plan with our clients and partners.

Transparency: – Being transparent with our colleagues, clients and partners. A true trust based relationship.


sne-261-300x249Sas Huntwood – Director

As an experienced sales person with over 17 years of selling and managing teams Sas knows that selling is one of the hardest and feared roles to undertake. However, only by mastering vital sales skills and understanding the sales process through a range of industries has led her to success.With experience of selling within large multinational corporate and start ups, across businesses and to consumers, international experience and sales management, Sas brings to her clients a depth and breadth of expertise.

An international sportswoman in two sports, she brings many of those skills developed on the sports field into business; strategy, discipline, hard work, team work, leadership, perseverance, and works with growing companies to develop these skills.


The Team

Sales Acceleration Strategies has a team that works with you and your company to deliver the necessary level of expertise and support that you require. We have specialists that deliver bespoke sales training that is tailored to your unique circumstances, marketing experts who can work with you on your brand, brand identity, social media strategy and marketing vision. The team also encompasses PR and Communication experts, Email marketing specialists, sales training for millennials, Business Development and Telesales teams.