Confidentiality in Selling

Confidentiality in Selling

iStock_000009308936Small1I recently sat on a bus returning from a client visit, you know the clients who have a very large multi site you have to park offsite and catch a mini bus onsite. We picked up a lady and gentleman from one office block and on our journey back to the car park they proceeded to chat about their meeting.

What struck me was the lack of consideration and professionalism that these sales people were showing their client. They had no idea who I was and whether I may hold a position within the company. Their discussion continued on what they were going to charge the client and the margins they were going to make (which by the way were extortionate). It angered me that these two individuals were giving sales people a bad name. They epitomised the perception of sales people being greedy and not caring about their clients.

Confidentiality is key when dealing with any client or potential client. Trust is the foundation of any business relationship and how can you trust someone if you feel that they will not maintain a level of confidentiality.

When I sit down with a potential client or existing client I ensure that they understand that our discussion will be kept between the two of us, unless we both agree otherwise. Confidentiality is key to the success of my business, are you maintaining your clients confidentiality?

With an increase in mobile working and the ability to work in cafes, gyms, on the train or at an airport, think twice when you are next discussing a client or potential client in a public place, how would you feel it was you as the client?