Do you consider yourself in Sales?

Do you consider yourself in Sales?

6513I recently asked a client at our sales clinic “Are you in sales?”, he responded “No, I am a business owner”. This entrepreneur was a business owner of a technology company that wanted to step up to the next level of cashflow. How would you respond?

I reflected on this for a while and it got me to thinking about how everybody in every walk of life is in Sales. When was the last time you recommended a film, app to download or book to a friend? I hate to break it to you but you were selling. You were selling on behalf of that film company, technology company or author. Do you have a team of people out there selling on your behalf, people you don’t even know?
When did you last have a conversation at a dinner party or in a pub over politics, sport, religion or whether Lord of the Rings or Star Wars is better? Every time you look to persuade someone to your point of view you are selling.

When asked the question to list people in sales, a recent group of university students I was lecturing responded with estate agents, double glazing salesmen, car sales men, IT sales people and freelancers. What about religious leaders, politicians, fundraisers, hairdressers, lawyers, accountants, retailers, hoteliers and doctors? Would you put yourself in this list? If you are business I do hope so.

Sales is the lifeblood of every organisation, if you as the business owner are not at the very heart of selling then how do you hope for your company to survive not alone thrive and grow.

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