Plan / Review / Change

What do we mean by plan, review and change?Plan / Review / Change

Those who attend our training programs will know this is one of my favourite flip charts. We use it in every training module that we run.

What do we mean by Plan / Review / Change.

Plan: We all know how important it is to have a plan. Whether it is business plan, sales plan, building plan, wedding plan etc. How many of you have plans? Have you set out what you want to achieve? It is similar to having a destination in mind and setting out without a map or sat nav! They don’t have to be heavy documents, a simple plan with simple steps is better than no plan.

Review: How often do we review our plans? Do you put it in the drawer or store it on your computer and then never look at it again? Is it in the bottom of that tray to be filed? There is no point putting a plan together if you see it just as a tick-box exercise and then it is a job completed.

Constantly review.

A few questions to ask yourself when you come to review your plan:

– What went wrong and what went right?
– Could you have done things differently?
– Did you need to enlist others to help you?
– Was your time frame too ambitious?

Change: Do not be afraid to change your plans. Too many people I come across give-up on their plans because they fell at the first hurdle. It is okay to change your plan!

For example. If you set out to run a marathon in the next 6 months and train really hard, however, you break your leg two months into training, then review your plan and change it.

A few famous people, who kept a daily journal with plans, reviewed them regularly and then changed:-

Thomas Jefferson
George S Patton
George Lucas

Let me leave you with this fantastic quote “A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.” Robert De Niro, in Wag the Dog.