Referrals – Are you asking the right questions?

Referrals – Are you asking the right questions?

iStock_000019344878Small1-300x145Many clients tell me that finding new customers is their number one challenge. As we all know there are a variety of ways to do this. One of the easiest and often overlooked is asking your existing customers for referrals.

Imagine you have a highly satisfied customer who you enjoy a good working relationship with. When did you ask them “Who else do you know who could benefit from my product/service?” Keep it open, then drill deeper. If they look pensive, throw in a couple of terms such as “a friend, colleague or family member?”

People love to help. It is in our very nature to be helpful. Don’t push them if they cannot think of anyone straight away, agree to come back at an agreed time such as a couple of days to give them more time to think. Then ask your customer to make the introduction for you. This can be via email, social media or face to face. Would you ignore a recommendation from a friend or colleague, someone who you trust?

Are you more likely to buy a product/services if it has been recommended by someone you know and trust? I know I buy most of the books I read on recommendation from friends, family and my network. The worse think that can happen is that your customer can say is no. In over 17 years of selling I have never had a customer say no they could not refer me. If they do say no then you may have uncovered an issue your customer has not told you about. Better to be aware of it in the long term!

My challenge to you this week is to ask 5 of your existing customers for referrals and come away with a total of 5 new potential customers to approach.

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