Sales Health Check

Our clients tell us that they need to understand and communicate their sales vision. They have a goal and a dream for their company but don’t know how to get there. They are not getting the sales they want and need. Sales Acceleration Strategies undertake a Sales Health Check which benchmarks you against other organisations. We provide you with a comprehensive report with recommendations across all sales areas for improvement.

How does it work

We will spend one day with you and your sales team using a variety of proven techniques including interviews, analysis of sales metrics, evaluation of sales roadmap and review of documentation. Using the Sales Health Check template which is unique and has been developed by Sales Acceleration Strategies we will make the process as painless as possible.

Our Approach 

Our-approach-sales-healthcheckPhase 1: Establish Baseline:  Formulate clear scope boundaries while gaining an understanding of sales figures, growth and drivers providing basis for comparisons and modeling.

Phase 2: Opportunity Assessment: Based on the baseline, Sales Acceleration Strategies uses a pragmatic Sales framework containing recommendations for improvements.  We apply advanced analytics and research-based optimisation techniques to identify opportunities for increased sales, service improvement and mission enablement.

Sales-health-check-300x217Phase 3: Strategy Development (not included in Sales Health Check): Sales Acceleration Strategies evaluates and triages opportunities based on knowing your business, risks and benefits to achieve a shortlist of opportunities for you. Develop a Sales Roadmap that is focused on realising near term benefits and long term sustainability.

Phase 4: Benefits Realisation (not included in Sales Health Check) We will take those opportunities and recommendations and assist you in implementing those solutions, monitor the results on an ongoing basis.