What We Do

Sales Acceleration Strategies


Sales Roadmap

  • Using Sales Acceleration Strategies proven Sales Roadmap Template we will work with you to form your unique sales strategy, a living breathing document that will transform your results. We have seen that having a robust plan in place, whether you are an already established company with long track record or a new start up can increase sales revenue by up to 15%.

Sales Cycle and Figures

  • Do you know your companies breakdown of sales? Understanding your companies sales figures is vital to ensure that your companies time and money is being spent in the right places at the right times. We will work with you to analyse your sale revenue figures, bringing together a picture for you of how time vs. money is spent within your organisation?
  • Do you understand the nuances within your company’s sales cycle? Have you tracked clients from pre sales through the “Sales Cycle” to post sales and reselling? Do you know all of your current and future up sell opportunities? Sales Acceleration Strategies will work with you to map out your client sales cycle at each stage from lead generation, pre sales, sales, post sales, feedback loop and upwelling, providing recommendations for improvement which we have seen can bring dramatic increases in revenue.

Account Planning and Campaign Management

  • Do you understand and implement the 80:20 rule? Is your company spending it’s time wisely with the clients that will bring in the most revenue or are you chasing every deal out there?  Sales Acceleration Strategies will work with you and your sales team using proven templates of your top clients, deep dive analysis of the opportunities, politics, players and come up with a plan for future business. There are times when tactical plans are recommended and when strategic plans are better worked, we will work with your sales team to establish when which should be used and where?
  • Do you use a splatter gun approach to gaining new clients? Do you have a strategic plan in place for gaining new clients from targeted campaigns?  Sales Acceleration Strategies will work with your leadership team to identify the best possible returns of your investment when running campaigns

Sales Training and Recruitment

  • Taking on a new sales person? Growing your sales team or just need some tweaking of your current sales techniques? Sales Acceleration Strategies can work with you to create a new hire on boarding process, initial training and set up a sales team from scratch. Alternatively, you may need tweaking of your current sales techniques, through individual development plans, presentation skills, client meeting methodologies and agenda setting and finally cold calling and networking techniques.

Sales Leadership

  • Are you looking to promote a sales individual to sales management? Are you the leader of your organisation and want to learn how to make sales your number one priority? Sales Acceleration Strategies we will coach you through how to motivate a sales team, compensation and incentive schemes, sales leadership skills and how to set Key Performance Indicators. One of the most recognised issues sales leaders spend their time on is underperforming team members, we will work with you to establish a plan on how to deal with sales underperformance and coach you through this process.

Market and Competition Analysis

  • Do you know which market is growing and which is stagnant? Do you know and understand the disruptive factors present in your market? Sales Acceleration Strategies will support you in analysing your market, new market opportunities, technology drivers and up and coming trends.
  • Do you know who your competition is? Do you know your differentiators? What makes you better than them? How can you stay ahead of your competition? By working with our experts your company can gain market share by being ahead of the competition, by offering the service/product that your clients really want and when they want it.

Marketing and Social Media

  • What is your brand? What does your brand stand for? How are you attracting your clients? How do I start with the confusing world of social media? Sales Acceleration Strategies will take you step by step through the often time consuming and confusing world of social media, understanding where your time and money is best spent is key in the world of marketing.