Spot the Commuter Game

commuter london keep doing same thing habit WHY

People going about their business continually doing the same thing without thinking, why?

Spot the Commuter Game

Ever played the guess what people do game? You know the game you play at the airport when you guess where people are travelling to?

Next time you are in a packed train or tube stop and observe. Take your head out of your book or paper and look around. I had to go into London very early this week and spent a good 10mins guessing (in my head I hasten to add!)

There was the downtrodden middle aged commuter, been commuting for the last 25 years, hair thinning, slightly paunch belly and reading the Times. Ask him why does he do it? Why does he commute every day? What do you think he will answer?

Then there was the cool IT man dressed in jeans, spider man t-shirt and wearing designer glasses. Relaxed and drinking his fourth coffee of the morning. Ask him why does he do it?

Sat next to them was the well dressed dapper Italian gentleman. Looking as though he had just come off the page of a fashion magazine. Expensive watch and shoes. Sleeping, obviously to preserve those good looks!

Opposite them, the student. Again sleeping not happy about the hour of the day. She is dressed casually, old trainers, her bag has seen better days and earphones well and truly connected blasting out music. Her iPhone grasped in her hand.

Ask them why do they do it? You would no doubt get differing answers. Do you think you would get a response; “it’s because I love what I do” You may do or you may not. How would you answer that question?

When did you last question why do you something. Have you got into a habit or routine that no longer makes any sense? Ask yourself the three letter word; WHY?