Spotted Pyjamas – what you can learn from sales call bingo?

Sales bingo make it fun

Spotted Pyjamas – what you can learn from sales call bingo?

In my early years of sales in my twenties we used to play “sales call bingo”. The aim was that in order to incentivise us to make our cold calls we would have a list of words we had to aim to get into the conversation. Each word carried a number of points. The more obtuse the word the more points it carried. The winner was the one who scored the most points. Being sales people we were highly competitive and never wanted to lose as that meant you had to buy lunch!

You were fine when it was a word such as “sandwich”, “fast car” or “water”. The most challenging one I remember was “spotted pyjamas”.

Why do I tell you this? Not that I am suggesting you should play this game, rather find a game that helps you to make those calls. You will be amazed that you are smiling when picking up that phone.


The most important element is that you get over your fear of picking up that phone, stop hiding behind your email and start talking to people. Who knows, you may actually begin to enjoy picking up the phone.

If you would like a helping hand in adding gamification to your sales, let me know, I’d love to help.