What can you learn from building a bridge?

What can you learn from building a bridge?

Building a bridge company learning gameOkay, not a full flown bridge we could drive cars over, although they were matchbox cars!

We recently worked with a client by using our Bridge Challenge. We were looking to develop skills such as communication, team work, taking on different roles within a project team, design capacity of the team, and delivery against a tight deadline, amongst other skills.

A simple training exercise that only lasts an hour can have a lasting impact long after the trainer has left the building. We do have more complicated games that can last for hours, have costumes, props and music; however, there are times when a simple exercise is all that is needed.

Give a group of highly professional people scissors, glue, sellotape, pens, paper, and rulers, and it is amazing how much fun can be had! Introduce a competitive element into it (with sweets for the prize!) and you can see development taking place in front of your eyes.

So next time you want to look to develop a new skill, or build upon an existing skill, do not be afraid to take on a simple exercise. When we are developing games we have a comprehensive process to go through, however a few simple steps are:-

Objective of the game – what do you want to achieve with the game?

Skills to develop – what are the specific skills you want to develop within your team? You can focus on one or many

Theme – what is the theme around the game or where/when is it set?

Duration of the game – how long do you have? Allow time for questions and debrief

Props/Equipment – anything needed for the game?

Questions/Debrief – what questions do the participants need to ask themselves at the end of the game?

Script – can you script out the game so you or others can use it? All our games are scripted to ensure that any trainer can pick it up and learn it, putting their own spin on it of course!

I hope this helps and happy game creation!