What you hear on the tube!

Listening to conversations you can learn so muchWhat you hear on the tube!

I wrote some time ago about confidentiality in selling. Last week I came across two sales guys on the tube whilst I was in London.

I am all for having a chat with your fellow colleague on the tube, nor do I expect silence however, this was a highly unprofessional act. We as Sales Professionals are often embarrassed to say that we work in sales. We use titles to mask the fact we work in sales, and I would like to apologise for those who have had to deal with a bad sales professional. In every profession there are those who lack integrity, honesty or ethics however the sales profession seems to have more than its fair share.

As these two gentlemen discussed the client they had just been to see they discussed their offices. They went on to discuss that the client did not really need what they were selling. These words were uttered: “Just sell them something, they don’t need it but you can convince them they need it. We need to hit our targets this month.”

I wanted to launch across the tube to give them a dressing down, unfortunately my stop came up and I had to leave.

It is our responsibility as a sales professional to weed these people out. We must expose them for the weeds that they are.

What are you doing today to hold our profession up to its highest standards?